Hommage: A Blade Runner Tribute Album


It’s times like these that I am very proud to be part of our current state of digital culture.  Some great guys at a community forum I frequent have put together a tribute album for the legendary film, Blade Runner.  The work eloquently captures the spirit of the “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” universe and is a beautiful testament to the richness of artistry that can be found in the deep reaches of cyberspace.

“This album is a tribute to all things ‘Blade Runner’..the book, as well as the movie and its score. Each has touched or inspired so many people around the world, in one way or another through the years.
Likewise, each artist who has contributed to this project is a fan of the late Philip K. Dick’s book..Ridley Scott’s movie..or Vangelis’ iconic score. Each worked to the same mandate..to produce an original piece of music that was inspired by one or all three of the above..

This is their HOMMAGE to those who gave us Blade Runner..9 tracks by four artists.”


V/A. (2016, September 21). HOMMAGE, by Various. Retrieved September 30, 2016, from https://thehommageproject.bandcamp.com/


released September 21, 2016

Special thanks goes to two special people who helped to make this release happen…

Mike Watts ( www.facebook.com/hpmixing ), for his Mastering skills and artwork..both major in making this project happen.

Rick Jeldy, for his time and way with words..both of which were and are greatly appreciated.


Silent Religion: Absence

Greetings cyber world,

Silent Religion’s long anticipated E.P “Absence” is on its way to multiple digital platforms as these words are being typed. Prepare yourself for a soothing, intimate, downward spiral towards the loving embrace of an affectionate breed of madness.  Hypnotic melodies alongside lulling atmospheres will encourage a transcendental awakening  I feel we are all in need of.  More news to come on the physical release of “Absence”. Stay tuned and god-speed.

Dom Fem Bot

It’s here! We are honored and quite excited to set this album loose to the cyber-world.  Go give it a listen and a download!

Silent Realm Industries 6th release (SRI006) Dom Fem Bot is the latest album from Australian Electronic outfit, Dada Davros. A mixing of hard and soft synths blend with unconventional time structures as intricate percussion lines weave their way through vast open synth chords and ice cold string sections. Taking it’s queues from the likes of Plaid, Autechre, Richard Devine and any number of releases on the Schematic label. Dom Fem Bot marks an adventurous and unique set of musical pieces that reflect an ease of experimentation that is at the heart of this compelling collection of electronic music.

You could think of it as Sci-Fi Noir IDM with shades of micro jazz, left field electronic music for digital tourists, daydreams of some forgotten mathematical importance, subroutines for entertainment.

Death of the Lacuna

Greetings cyberworld!  We are very excited to announce that we have a few new releases to add to our catalogue in the coming months!  Dada Davros will be blessing us with a second release titled Dom Fem Bot which will be available to you on the 1st of February, followed by a promising experimental excerpt from The newest group to our roster, Silent Religion. Prepare to kick your legs up and clear your schedule for some exotic deep-space diving.

Album Review: Architecture by Dada Davros

An Irradiated Archive of the Cosmic and Weird

Architecture album cover

Thanks to the glories of the information age, we can easily find new music in mere seconds. When I was pointed in the direction of the record group, “Silent Realm”, I became more than eager to check out the many styles of electronic music they offered. Silent Realm is a small record company within the Rocky Mountains region dedicated to independent experimental musicians. One of the artists from their label in particular intrigued me, Dada Davros, an independent electronica artist from Australia. Not only does their name evoke images of various bits of science fiction, the tracks (and artwork) within “Architecture” do too in a sense. But, that’s just some sort of geeky preconceptions. (That or let my dorky viewpoint cloud my interpretation of the music, but we’ll see.) No matter, let’s dive deeper into the ethereal plane with “Architecture”!

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