Hommage: A Blade Runner Tribute Album


It’s times like these that I am very proud to be part of our current state of digital culture. ┬áSome great guys at a community forum I frequent have put together a tribute album for the legendary film, Blade Runner. ┬áThe work eloquently captures the spirit of the “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” universe and is a beautiful testament to the richness of artistry that can be found in the deep reaches of cyberspace.

“This album is a tribute to all things ‘Blade Runner’..the book, as well as the movie and its score. Each has touched or inspired so many people around the world, in one way or another through the years.
Likewise, each artist who has contributed to this project is a fan of the late Philip K. Dick’s book..Ridley Scott’s movie..or Vangelis’ iconic score. Each worked to the same mandate..to produce an original piece of music that was inspired by one or all three of the above..

This is their HOMMAGE to those who gave us Blade Runner..9 tracks by four artists.”


V/A. (2016, September 21). HOMMAGE, by Various. Retrieved September 30, 2016, from https://thehommageproject.bandcamp.com/


released September 21, 2016

Special thanks goes to two special people who helped to make this release happen…

Mike Watts ( www.facebook.com/hpmixing ), for his Mastering skills and artwork..both major in making this project happen.

Rick Jeldy, for his time and way with words..both of which were and are greatly appreciated.