Satunuriv Sola – AnteNazara

Check out a review from Mark X over at “Yeah I know it Sucks” for Satunuriv Sola’s AnteNazara.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Satunuriv Sola
title: AnteNazara
keywords: electronic, electronica, experimental, IDM, ambient, dark ambient, Idaho
label: Silent Realm
reviewer: Mark X

If you expect a track that is named ‘Nebula’ will sound like some foggy mist you might be very wrong. This ‘Nebula’ over here is scattered with rhythms, mysterious outcomes & strange corners.
Difficult music to put your finger on into what direction it is going as it has so many of them. The main vibe is one that has something cyber vegan to it, adventurous music that seeks to be a part of nature and half industrial machinery.

The work named ‘Dioxy’ is a little bit steadier, focusing on synthesizer sounds that sounds a bit like modern hunting music for a cyber-project that has gone down the intelligent road. Beats are involved and the theme in general is dark, although the melody played by some vocal sample gives…

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Getting Weird With it: We I R D by S-B-J

Silent Realm Industries’ fourth release (SRI004) We I R D by S-B-J is something all fans of IDM/Electronica should check out. This genre-jumping masterpiece has a track for everyone to enjoy. A handcrafted electronica album like this is the product of a seasoned European musician who has honed his craft in sound design and synthesized auditory architecture. Add this album to your collection: We promise it will be right at home within your library of esoteric music.

Great Things Come in Threes: Our Third Release by Stellar Jay

Silent Realm Industries’ 3rd release (SRI003). Listening to Gentle Whisper by Stellar Jay is like receiving a message from a distant planet; A message with so much information, yet it is gracefully translated into an ethereal wave cloud of wonderment and intrigue. Gentle Whisper is a perfect example of what someone should listen to when seeking a chill and groovy listening experience. This music will transcend you to a level far further away than the track times would suggest. Put this baby on repeat and get comfy.

Our Second Release! (SRI002) Architecture by Dada Davros

Silent Realm Industries’ second release (SRI002), Architecture by Dada Davros is a sonic quest through the cosmos that is not worth missing. This Album showcases the refined “sweet spots” that electronic music has to offer: Brain tingling beats, ambient pad sections, and entrancing leads. Architecture is the 4th release by Dada Davros and is a perfect example of Australia’s finest Electronica. This is not a mere collection of songs thrown together arbitrarily; it is a singular piece of auditory work that will glide you through a nearly infinite plane of unique sensory. Enjoy!