Dom Fem Bot

It’s here! We are honored and quite excited to set this album loose to the cyber-world. ¬†Go give it a listen and a download!

Silent Realm Industries 6th release (SRI006) Dom Fem Bot is the latest album from Australian Electronic outfit, Dada Davros. A mixing of hard and soft synths blend with unconventional time structures as intricate percussion lines weave their way through vast open synth chords and ice cold string sections. Taking it’s queues from the likes of Plaid, Autechre, Richard Devine and any number of releases on the Schematic label. Dom Fem Bot marks an adventurous and unique set of musical pieces that reflect an ease of experimentation that is at the heart of this compelling collection of electronic music.

You could think of it as Sci-Fi Noir IDM with shades of micro jazz, left field electronic music for digital tourists, daydreams of some forgotten mathematical importance, subroutines for entertainment.


News for the New Year

Hey guys,

In spite of the lack of activity on our site this last 10 months, we have some very exciting things on the horizon for 2016. Get prepared to receive some transcending audio waves that will surely compliment the Northern Hemispheres icy embrace.